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A Formal Introduction and Student Union Team Update

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I just wanted to formally introduce myself to you all, for those of you who don't know me and those just joining Plymouth College of Art; I'm Harriet Moore, a BA(Hons) Photography graduate, and your Student Union President.

As Student Union President, I help to support your clubs and societies, work with both staff and students to grow the PCA community, work with the Student Union Team to better student experience, and much more.

I was elected this year and many of you were so lovely about my manifesto so I wanted to give an overview for those of you who haven't read it. If you wanted to read my full manifesto, too, you can find it here.

Your Voices, Heard.

As your Student Union President, my main goal is to help you feel heard. I aim to help set up more effective ways for students to provide feedback to the Students' Union, alongside Student Voice and the Suggestions Form, so that your SU can be more effective in giving you what you want.

Student Welfare and Mental Health.

One of my main goals is to improve support for student welfare and mental health. I am committed to helping better mental health, having completed Mental Health First Aid training and Suicide Prevention training. My aim is for all members of the Executive Committee and at least one Student Rep from each course to do MHFA training, creating a larger support network for students.

Student Experience and Equality.

I aim to keep developing the Executive Committee and continuing an effective Executive Committee. I aim to strive for equality throughout the college by building societies and hosting inclusive events for groups of students, including part-time, pre-degree, masters and mature students.

Expanding Networks.

I think it is important to expand the SU's connections and network with businesses and charities plan to work with organisations to find and advertise opportunities and experiences for students, including commissions, work experience and graduate jobs. I will support societies such as the Creative Enterprise Society and Artists For Change in projects and collaborations across the city and would like to work with the next Volunteering and Charities Lead to implement a SU Volunteering Scheme.

Picture of the Student Union Team

I also wanted to give a little update about your Student Union Team. We've have some great new Student Union Ambassadors joining our team to help with the new students move-in and our 2020 Freshers events, as well as events and bar nights throughout the year. After handing in their work last week, Jamie stepped down as Vice President of Higher Education and Dannie stepped down as Volunteers and Charities Lead. I just wanted to take the chance to thank them both for their contribution to the Students' Union and wish them the best for the future. Obviously Rowena has now left us as your previous Student Union President. She did such a wonderful job over the past couple of years and I know I speak for the whole Student Union Team when I say she'll be greatly missed by us all!

Best, Harriet

Student Union President

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