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Celebrating our Above and Beyond Winners 2021

It's been over a week since the second annual Above and Beyond Awards, and what a night it was. A big thank you to absolutely everyone who got involved - whether you were a nominee, nominated someone, or simply tuned in to support on the night - I couldn't have done it without you all!

For those of you who couldn't make it on the night, I wanted to write a round-up of the night, with information about all of our student and staff winners. Before we get into it, it's worth mentioning that absolutely everyone, all the students and staff members, deserve an award for making it through the year we've just had - something both myself and Andrew mentioned in our speeches on the night.

Student Awards

Students were nominated by staff members, then shortlisted by a panel consisting of the Student Union President, Student Union Manager, Dean of Learning and Teaching, and all 3 Heads of Schools. This shortlist was then put out for all students and staff to vote on.

Student Representative of the Year

Nominees: Chris Stone, Sophie Manton, Helen Jones, Helen Claret, Emmett (Harry) Wadham, Isabelle Mercier, Emmeline Kwaan, Chloe Hedges, Mia Cooper, Lisa Langhorn, Ethan Norris, Catherine Hyde, Lauren Clayton, Claire Skillman

Shortlist: Chris Stone, Helen Claret, Emmeline Kwaan, Lisa Langhorn, Ethan Norris, Claire Skillman

Winner: Emmeline Kwann

"Emm has worked really hard to support her cohort during this challenging year. She has remained positive and supportive of her peers and the course and provides considered, in depth, constructive feedback at Staff Student Liaison Group and other meetings. She is a committed and reliable Student Representative that really enjoys her role, and has been a great ambassador for the course during the online ‘Getting to Know’ events."

Student-Led Project of the Year

Nominees: Zowie Wyatt, Out of Mind Clothing Co, Elizabeth Styles and Gabriel Monteiro, Aaron Lovelock, India Aspland, Iris Wright and Keanu Overall, X Exhibition at Leadworks, Phoebe Harwood-Orman, Donna Gilbert and David Fletcher, Lucie Smith, Art @ Edgecumbe

Shortlist: MOOD Mental Health App - Iris Wright and Keanu Overall, Quiet Contemplation Room Renovation - Aaron Lovelock, Respirator Hoods - Zowie Wyatt, Wednesday Art Swap - Elizabeth Styles and Gabriel Monteiro, Netha Islam Fundraiser - Donna Gilbert and David Fletcher

Winner: Respirator Hoods - Zowie Wyatt

"Zowie altered hospital-supplied respirator hoods as there was a lack of supplies for hoodless respirators and the hoods on the respirators covered doctors ears so they couldn't hear each other. She altered 28 hoods in January for the NHS Treliske Hospital in Truro, Cornwall."

Social Justice Award

Nominees: Chloe Cox, Alix Barber, Emmett (Harry) Wadham, Mimi Jones, Cameron Long, Patience Squire, Jem North

Shortlist: Emmett (Harry) Wadham, Jem North

Winner: Emmett (Harry) Wadham

"Alongside his role as a Student Representative, Emmett has tirelessly championed the LGBTQ+ community within the programme and externally, in Plymouth."

Special Recognition Award

Nominees: Samuel Grotzke, Robyn Hajiyiancou, Chloe Wickham and Jemma Barnard, Millica Bishop-Morris, Netha Islam, Paisley Ginter and Laura Byrne and Lily-Mae Stock, Ben Bavin and Stylianos Nicolaou, Stella Olivier, Flora Woolman, Esme Midwinter, Shri Gunaskara, Maia Cazzan, Extended BA Cohort

Shortlist: Samuel Grotzke, Millica Bishop-Morris, Netha Islam, Ben Bavin and Stylianos Nicolaou, Stella Olivier, Flora Woolman

Winner: Netha Islam

"Netha has continued to engage, hardly missing any tutorials or lectures. She has been a central voice contributing to her cohort and made some quite fantastic work, despite going through a rollercoaster with her cancer diagnoses and treatments."

Best Developed Society

Shortlist: The Photographic Society, Poetry Club, LGBTQ+ Society

Winner: LGBTQ+ Society

"The LGBTQ+ Society have kept the LGBTQ+ community at Plymouth College of Art in touch and up to date with the latest news throughout the lockdown, including via email and on Google Meet."

Brand and Communications - Student Ambassador of the Year

Shortlist: Jess Holloway, Lauren Baker, Ray Goodwin

Winner: Jess Holloway

"For stepping up to be one of our leading Student Ambassadors, running our weekly Monday “Student Q&A’s” online sessions, and always coming to work with a smile."

Student Union - Student Ambassador of the Year

Shortlist: Ray Goodwin, Amber Layton, Catherine Hyde

Winner: Ray Goodwin

"Ray has been a pillar of the SU team for two years and has continued even during lockdown. He is reliable, hardworking and champions the Students' Union at any given chance. He is a valued worker and often volunteers to help without being asked. He worked hard throughout his time on the team and did a fantastic job organising everyone at Host move-in shifts, showing fantastic leadership skills. He was an active, engaging member of the Isolation groups, and helped to keep the community going. Ray has given a lot of his time to the SU and is a very much appreciated member of the team."

Staff Awards

Staff were nominated by students with reasoning alongside each nomination. Winners were chosen by the Student Union President and Dean of Learning and Teaching based on the number of nominations and the quality of supporting comments alongside these - please note; to avoid any issues, neither staff member was involved if there was a conflict of interest. Best Module or Unit Award FE

Winner: FAFE2A2021UO13 aka Unit 13, commonly known as the 'Final Major Project' of Fashion and Textiles - Lead by Julia Stean

“It really allowed us to be independent with what we do. No one's ideas were ‘wrong’ and everyone's garments and designs ended up looking amazing and successful.” Best Module Award HE

Nominees: PHOT102, BAIL202, BADG301, DLCS101

Winner: DLCS101 aka Contextual Studies (Distance Learning) - Lead by Jason Hirons

“This module has greatest content, great tutor, and delivered with great spirit and humour to each segment matter, and included within are real life meanings and learnings that are especially relevant in times of a global pandemic.”

Best Tutor Award FE

Winner: Jess Dyer

“Jess is very patient with everyone, if you do something wrong it’s easy to laugh about it with her. She also makes sure if someone needs her help, she will help straight away. She’s also very easy to talk to about anything and make jokes with to ease any anxiety. She is my most favourite tutor I have had!”

Best Tutor Award HE

Nominees: Jason Hirons, Cathryn Bishop, Louise Fago-Ruskin, Monika Rycerz, Steven Paige, Sam Rowe, Luke West, Kim Bagley, Antigoni Pasidi, Mel Brown, Gem Pope, Sarah King, and Amanda Duffin

Winner: Cathryn Bishop

“She truly takes time for all of her students. She is always there to help if you need to talk or some guidance on your work. She tries to find useful and inspiring lectures and does her best to prepare us for the future.” Amazing Lecturer Award FE

Winner: Jess Dyer

“Jess makes sure that everyone understands what the task is, she allows people to have fun and be independent. No idea is wrong and even if it’s an idea she may not fully understand or be into, she still helps in any way she can and also makes sure that you do the best!”

Amazing Lecturer Award HE

Nominees: Jason Hirons, Cathryn Bishop, Martina Rooney, Robert Manners, Judith Noble, Martial Bugliolo, Kim Bagley, Andy Way, and Sarah King

Winner: Jason Hirons

“Since year one, Jason has been the best. He always goes to extra lengths to help as best as he can which was evident during our dissertation modules especially, Jason was a lifesaver. I know for myself, he helped me so much and encouraged me the entire way, while still being honest and realistic which was needed.” Amazing Technician Award

Nominees: Lesley Weale and Lisa Roberts, Stephen Green, Ana Simoes, Ellie Thompson, Jo Dorothea Smith, Barton Hargreaves, Neil Jones, Becky Brook, Harrison Newman, 3D Design Craft Workshop Technicians, Oliver Teagle, Amy Whittingham, Kerry Brosnan, and Paul Hillon

Winner: Ellie Thompson

“Ellie has unmatchable technical skills but it is how she goes about sharing these that is so outstanding. She had the patience of a saint during my IT struggles in designing for screen printing. She really went above and beyond reasonable expectations and her imaginative approach, along with her kindness affirmed my abilities. I can't thank her enough for the impact she had on my time at PCA!” Student Champion Award

Nominees: Owen Groombridge, Louise Sharland, Ethan Pennell, Robert Manners, Sally Hall, Terence Maughan, Louise Noakes, and Harriet Moore

Winner: Louise Sharland

“Louise was super supportive with career prospects and was always down to have meetings. I would have felt a lot less confident about leaving education if it wasn't for her!"

Best Academic Support

Nominees: Louise Sharland, Oliver Teagle, Antigoni Pasidi, Steven Paige, Library Team, Mel Brown, Karen Welton, Emily Watkins, and Tim Dickinson

Winner: Emily Watkins

“Emily is a goddess of the library! She never fails to go the extra mile - she just keep giving and consistently comes up with fantastic answers. Her eagerness to help always made me feel like I wasn't being a pain, despite loads of questions nearing deadlines!” Outstanding Dissertation Supervisor Award

Nominees: Jason Hirons, Monika Rycerz, Richard Webb, Eddie Falvey, Kim Bagley, Mel Brown, Sarah King, and Louise Noakes

Winner: Eddie Falvey and Kim Bagley

“From early on in my dissertation process, it was clear that Eddie was the perfect Dissertation Supervisor for me.”

“She has been the most supportive and conscientious tutor I have had during my time at PCA and deserves to be recognised for her dedication and selflessness.” Professional Services Award

Nominees: Jonah Garner, Emily Watkins, Robbie Wills, Andrew Brewerton, Jack Viant, Adam Levi, Ethan Pennell, Louise Sharland, and Karen Welton

Winner: Robbie Wills

“He’s the first person I met at PCA, and for the last few years he welcomes me in with a smile every time and is very approachable.”

Special Recognition Award

Nominees: Jess Dyer, Harriet Moore, Cathryn Bishop, Richard Webb, Stephanie Owens, Amy Whittingham, Judith Noble, Robbie Wills, Colin Wilkes, Donna Gundry, and Emily Watkins

Winner: Richard Webb and Amy Whittingham

“He stood up for me and backed me up several times on the course. He's a great teacher and encourages students positively.”

“Her welcoming and understanding mannerism has made many students across the college more enthusiastic about experimenting with the material she so clearly loves. She has been a great inspiration throughout my degree!”

Social Justice Award Winner: Harriet Moore

“For providing period products in the toilets across campus, being inclusive of any gender that would need them at any time. Harriet has made sure that everyone is included and nobody is left out.”

On a personal note, I also want to say a huge thank you to all of the lovely students who nominated me for several of the awards on the night, and I'm truly humbled to have won the Social Justice Award given that social justice is a huge part of the College's mission.

Before I finish this blog post, I just want to give a huge shout-out to Jack Viant for co-hosting the event with me, to Paige Nolan for helping me present on the night, to Mark Kerrigan for all the behind-the-scenes support along the way, and to both Andrew Brewerton and David Noyce for coming along on the night and saying a few words.

Best, Harriet Moore

Student Union President

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