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National Pet Month

Hello again,

It’s national pet month!

My pets are absolutely mad. I don’t know if everyone else’s are like this too or if I’m just somehow cursed to own only bizarre and crazy animals.

Laika is our whippet puppy, named in honour of the first dog to fully orbit the Earth in space (it’s an interesting story - look it up if you like animals and/or space).

Laika, 2019

Laika is the definition of mad. When she isn’t sleeping, she can be found terrorising our two cats (Simba and Leo) or chewing and/or eating various dangerous things around the house. Here are just some of the things we’ve found her trying to and, in some cases, succeeding to eat; skirting board; power chords (plugged in); disposable razor blades; and a whole pack of ibuprofen (she had to stay a night at the vet’s for this one… where she chewed through her drip).

She’s also dangerously quick. When we let her off the lead in parks she likes to race every other dog to see who’s fastest. She rarely loses.

Back home is my slightly calmer dog, Rhubarb (or Ruby). She’s a flat-coated retriever and, in terms of her temperament, she’s like an old regal lady in comparison to Laika. She loves the sea, forests, open fields, and cosy country pubs with warm fireplaces.

Ruby, 2016

Unfortunately for Ruby’s sanity, my mother has just bought another dog. A puppy flat-coated retriever who is called Benson (or Ben) and is even crazier than Laika.

Benson, 2019

But anyway - enough about my pets.

We want to hear about yours! Send us pictures, stories, and anything else about your pets!

You can send us these through email, Instagram @pca_su, or Facebook ‘PCA SU’.

Wishing you all the best


Jamie Halton

Vice-president of PCA: SU

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