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Skateboarding, Scootering and Rollerskating

Skateparks in Plymouth

Prime Delux 

Prime is Plymouth's only Indoor Skatepark. They have general sessions, skate tuition, over 40's nights and girls and non-binary nights! 

Cick here to visit their website and learn more!

Central Park Skatepark

This is an outdoor skatepark, lit with floodlights when it's dark out. It's located at Central Par so there are WC facilites available as well as a cafe nearby.

Click here to see the park and learn more!

Skateparks in Cornwall

Saltmill Outdoor Skatepark - Click Here! 

Junkyard Indoor Skatepark - Click Here!

Skatepark Locator

Use this resource to find skateparks near you!


SK8House Roller Disco - click here!

Skateboarding, Scootering and Rollerskating: FAQ
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