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Student-Led Clubs and Societies

All our Clubs and Societies are student led and free to join! 

If you'd like to join one or more, please fill in this form.

If you are a Society Lead check out this page!

Once you have submitted this form, you will be added to the relevant email group(s) Please allow 7 days for this. You will get a confirmatory email once your have been added to the requested groups.

If you don't hear anything from the Clubs or Societies after some time, please contact the Lead(s) as listed on this page in the first instance, but feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or issues.

If you would like to set up your own club or society, please email with more information.

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Board Game Society

Society Lead: Connor Goode

A community to chill, chat, meet new people and lose at some games

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Book Club

Society Lead: Grace Palmer

Book Club is a friendly space where students can get together to discuss books and bookish topics. If you want to take a break from reading dense academic texts with something light and fun, and make new friends who you can talk to about bookish things, our club is the place for you!

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Christian Union

Group Lead: Caroline Barr

Come and explore your faith and grow as a follower of Jesus in a creative community! All students are welcome!


Cinema Society

Society Lead: Taj Ragoo

The AUP Cinema Society is all about making cinema available to everyone. We're a group of like-minded friends who simply and genuinely enjoy the fun of cinema.

Join in on Instagram @cinemasocietyaup


Cosplay Society

Society Lead: Eleanor Joyce and Cloud Davies

Ever seen a cosplay and thought; I wish I could do that! Here at the cosplay society we teach you how to style wigs, do fabulous makeup and create easy props! Thanks to our lovely photographer, Trinity Franklin, we do amazing photoshoots and have lots of fun while doing it! It doesn't matter if you're a professional or a beginner, the cosplay society welcomes everybody!

Join in on Instagram @aup.cosplay

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Creative Writing Society

Society Leads: Freya Luscombe and Ruby Bradshaw

A chilled out society that offers the chance to share writings of any variety with like minded people and combating writer's block with fun and creative new writing prompts!

Join in on Instagram @aupcreativewritingsociety

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Crochet Society

Society Leads: Eve Lyons, Hannah Morgan, Chloe Laycock

A society where you can learn to crochet and meet other crocheters! All abilities welcome, knitting and other crafts welcome too!

Join in on Instagram @aup_crochet_society


Critique Club

Society Lead: Dorron Britz

We're still waiting back for a description of this society, check back later!


Dungeons and Dragons Society

Society Lead: Izzie Hewett-Cartmell and Rae Weblin

Find fellow adventurers and learn everything you need to know about Dungeons & Dragons. Whether you want to start a campaign, join one, or just meet like-minded people, this society is here for you!

To join the society discord, please contact Izzie or Rae.


Fashion and Life Drawing Society

Society Leads: Maggie Powell and Ruby Bradshaw

Weekly, student led life drawing classes with clothed models taking place in The Drawing Lab on Wednesday mornings from 10am - 1pm. All courses and skill levels are encouraged to come and draw or you can volunteer as a model and gain experience in this field.

Easels and materials provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. We hope to see you there!

Join in on Instagram @aup_fashionandlifedrawing


Hot Girl Walk Society

Society Leads: Heather Langan and Arianwen Hewer

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


K-Pop Society

Society Lead: Kaden Smith

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


Lego Society

Society Lead: Erin Canga

From themed building competitions to LEGO film nights, we have a wide selection of activities at the Lego society. Whether it's your first lego set, or you're in the middle of building the £700 Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Everybody is welcome, we hope to see you soon!


LGBTQ+ Society

Society Lead: Dan Beedie

Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community or simply just a friend of the community who wants to be more involved? Even if you're not sure but want to join in, everyone's welcome!

Join in on Instagram @aup_lgbtq

MatSoc Logo.jpg

Mature Student Society

Society Lead: H Butland

Did you know that if you are 21 or over when you start your undergraduate studies you are classed as a Mature Student? Age is just a number though, what we all need is friendship and connection. So if you would like to get together for chat, feedback and networking with other students across the University, then join us!


Music Society

Society Lead: Paul Edwards

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


Neurodiverse Society

Society Lead: Arcane Taylor

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


Photographic Society

Society Leads: Helen "H" Butland, Anna Leader and Freya Fairhurst

As creative people, we all express ourselves visually. Whether photography is your primary medium or it supports another discipline, join us for workshops, socials, a monthly competition and more!

Join in on Instagram @aup_photographic_society

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Pokemon Society

Society Lead: Kaden Smith and Serena Cavanagh

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


Sea Swimming Society

Society Lead: Lauren Jones

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.

Pink Illustrative Skates Club Information Flyer.png

Skate Society

Society Lead: Ed Flett

Have you always wanted to learn how to skate, or are you an experienced skater looking for spots and locals to hang with? We accept all skaters, from all disciplines whether beginner or experienced, everyone is welcome to join in and have a go.


Ski Society

Society Leads: Thomas Gormley and Katie Ethell

A society for people who want to go on skiing trips! Join us on Instagram:


Video Games Society

Club Lead: Lucy Parnell

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


Witchcraft Society

Society Lead: Heather Langan

We are still awaiting information about this society, please check back later.


Yoga Society

Society Lead: Ayla Bradley-Sanna and Nina De Wet

Sessions are hosted every Wednesday at 6pm in Cross House. Society members will meet at Tavistock Place at 5:45pm to walk there together.


Why not start your own?

Start your own society with just 6-10 signatures!

Don't see anything that takes your fancy here, why not make your own? Email us at for more information and how to get started.



Looking to Lead?

We also have a number of previously popular Societies that no longer have someone to lead them. Are you interested in taking over a Society? Drop us an email to if any of the following take your fancy:

Event Society

Football Society

Musical Theatre Society

Rock Climbing Society

The Taylor Swift Appreciation Society

Zine Society

Your Societies: Team
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