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Period Poverty Project

Free Period Products from the Students' Union

To support the end of period poverty on campus, you can pick up free period products from the Student Union Office. We also ensure there are products in the toilets across all of our campuses. We have sustainable options such as reusable pads and menstrual cups. 

We stock Tampax Compak's in Regular, Super and Super Plus, Always Ultra Normal and Long, Lil-lets Regular, Super and Super Plus, Midi and Mini Reusable Pads, Moon Cups in Size B and Lil Lets Cups.

Period Poverty Project: About


Period Poverty Project: Testimonials

"A very exciting update to the Period Poverty Project from me! I've managed to secure over £1,000 of funding from the Department for Education to support our Further Education (Pre-Degree) students."

Harriet Moore, Student Union Manager

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