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Student Charter 2023/24

The Student Charter is jointly developed and agreed between the Students' Union and the University, and has been updated for 2023-24. This Charter should be read alongside the Student Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment from students to uphold the spirit of the Student Charter.


Arts University Plymouth students will...

  • Take responsibility for understanding course requirements including deadlines, and expected attendance.

  • Keep up to date with academic regulations such as academic misconduct.

  • Attend sessions punctually and regularly with a respectful and professional attitude.

  • Familiarise ourselves with our financial commitment to our course.

  • Treat fellow students and staff members with consideration and respect.

  • Be environmentally considerate with regards to our studies (printing, electricity consumption, no littering)

  • Be respectful towards University and Students’ Union spaces, equipment and resources.

  • Be respectful towards our local community and be environmentally conscious.

  • Engage in opportunities to create positive change and provide honest feedback to aid future university development.

  • Share our knowledge and opinions, participate in the AUP culture of open communication.

Arts University Plymouth will...

  • Provide a high-quality learning and teaching experience.

  • Provide safe and accessible learning environments.

  • Ensure access to clear course requirements and marking criteria.

  • Ensure assessment feedback is thorough, timely, constructive and honest.

  • Ensure staff maintain a high level of professionalism.

  • Ensure students are represented on University boards and committees and respond to your feedback appropriately.

  • Encourage a culture of inclusivity, equality, respect, sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Maintain a high standard of facilities, and access to industry standard resources.

  • Ensure that students can access high quality support services, including financial support

  • Help students gain employability skills and prepare for their future.

  • Actively promote students and their work. 

  • Demonstrate and promote the University’s embedded values of kindness, fulfilment and authenticity.


Arts University Plymouth Students' Union will…

  • Listen to the student voice and facilitate discussion between students and staff.

  • Represent students at relevant boards, committees and working groups.

  • Provide opportunities to undertake positions on the Student Union Executive Committee.

  • Provide support and services for physical, sexual and mental health, free of charge or at discounted rates.

  • Cultivate a vibrant community with varied events and activities in response to student feedback.

  • Signpost students to relevant support, information, and facilities.

  • Encourage involvement with the local community through volunteering and local projects.

  • Make students aware of the promotions, activities, petitions and campaigns of the National Union of Students (NUS).

  • Provide access to paid work opportunities and employment, such as the Student Ambassador role and commissions.

  • Provide social opportunities for students, including the use of a dedicated Students’ Union space.

  • Support students with setting up student-led clubs and societies.

Student Charter: Inventory
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