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Mental Health

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support at AUP SU

The Students' Union regularly runs events to support mental health and wellbeing, including for Mental Health Awareness Week, University Mental Health Day, and more. 

Student Union Manager, Harriet Moore, is a Mental Health First Aid Champion. 


Mental Health and Wellbeing Support at AUP

Here at Arts University Plymouth, our Student Support services offer help with everything from finance issues to disability, as well as counselling, mindfulness, acupuncture and more. You can find out all about the Student Support team, what they offer and how to book via the Student Portal or email them at

Staff who are Mental Health First Aid trained wear lanyards so that it is easier for students to approach someone if needed.


Mental Health Support in Plymouth

The Zone is one support system in the city, offering budgeting, debt and money advice, information and support, mental health support, housing and homelessness help, sexual health and relationships advice, and more. You can find The Zone or North Hill or Union Street. Head Space is a support service for individuals experiencing issues with mental health outside of college hours. Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services provide support for men, women and children who need advice and protection from domestic abuse. They offer a wide range of help including a refuge and one to one support and confidential advice. Harbour are a Plymouth-based substance misuse charity that provides support for those with complex lives. There are lots of other support networks across Plymouth that provide help and advice for a wide range of issues, you can find more on the Student Support section of the portal.

Mental Health: Services
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