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T0.1 - Students' Union

The Students' Union was completely renovated in the Summer of 2020 to create a more relaxed space, and updated each summer since. During the day, the space is perfect for studying, eating or hanging out with friends. At night, grab a drink from the SU Bar or come along to one of our events.

Staff, students and local businesses or charities can book the Students' Union and/or SU Bar by emailing

Bookings for Union events will take priority over other requests, and we recommend booking well in advance of your event as the space is booked regularly for bar nights, events and other activities, as well as by student groups and external companies. 


T0.2 - Student Union Office

The Student Union Office is on the left, just by the Students' Union. There is an open-door policy so you can drop in at any time during office hourse, just make sure to check the door slider before you knock (as we might be talking to another student when you pop by).

Within the Student Union Office is the Student Union Food Bank, Merch Shop, free period products, and more. 


T0.4 - Quiet Contemplation Room

The renovation of the Quiet Contemplation Room was done by your elected 2020-22 Wellbeing Representative (HE), Aaron Lovelock, who was voted in due to his manifesto which included this great need for improvement of the space.

This space is for both mental health and prayer, and was transformed from a white cupboard-like space to a bright, uplifting space that fits the purpose and has a wealth of information to support students with everything from breast cancer awareness to mental health and disability support. You can use the space at any time, and there is a slider on the door to indicate when it is in use.

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