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Disc Golf - Mount Edgcumbe

Frisbe golf at Mount Edgcumbe is a 9 hole course which takes you on a walk along the whole of the park. It costs £5.99 per adult and £3.99 per child and takes approximately one and a half hours to play.

For more information, click here.

Plymouth Ultimate Frisbee Club

Plymouth Ultimate was founded by our very own Adam Levi (Senior Learning Technologist). The club typically trains every other Saturday at central park and they also play in competitive tournaments.

To learn more, see their website here.

Central Park Frisbee Golf

Central Park has a range of golf options including a 9 hole frisbee golf course. They offer introductory trips for new players and also sell their own frisbees!

For more information and to check out their other golfing options (pitch and putt and foot golf) see their website here.

Frisbee: FAQ
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