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Keeping You Safe - Harassment

Please be aware this statement contains mentions of sexual harassment and rape.

We want to thank the students who have been in touch to express their concerns about some social media screenshots that have been shared by students of Falmouth University, concerning April 24th and so called ‘Rape Day'. Regardless of whether this is a hoax or genuine, it's important that this is addressed and you are aware, so that you can keep yourselves safe.

Our Harassment Working Group has already been discussing the potential for an anonymous reporting system so that incidents like these can be brought to the attention of Plymouth College of Art and to ensure we can keep our community safe. This group was created in response to recent media coverage of harassment within education institutions and the Everyone's Invited platform. The group includes members of staff such as the Student Union President, Head of Compliance & Quality Systems, Head of Pre-Degree and student members from both FE and HE.

We will also remind you that the Student Code of Conduct is there to protect you. Any student found to be involved with the April 24th incident, or any form of sexual misconduct, can be held to account through the Disciplinary Procedure; this can also include working with Devon and Cornwall Police if necessary. If there is an issue you would like to discuss, you can bring this directly to the Student Union President, Head of Compliance & Quality Systems or any member of staff you feel comfortable speaking to.

Plymouth College of Art and the Students’ Union alike does not tolerate any form of violence or assault.

Please remember that the Student Union has free personal alarms available from the SU Office if you or your friends feel unsafe, so get in touch by replying to this email or dropping us a message on socials if you'd like to collect one.

If you have been affected by this or other recent discussions of sexual harassment in the media, please reach out to our Student Support Team who can discuss this with you confidentially. Their email address is or you can book a variety of sessions via Connect 2. In addition, you can also find a list of contacts below that you can reach out to for support if you need it.

Harriet Moore

Student Union President

Jeff Wright Head of Compliance & Quality Systems


Reporting sexual abuse and violence:

Devon and Cornwall SARC:

Anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted should contact the SARC in the first instance as they can provide immediate advice without going through the police.

You can phone them on 0300 3034626 or fill in a self-referral form. You can also contact Rape Crisis if you are female or Safeline if you are male. Their call centres are open 24/7.

The Women's Centre (11 years+):

The centre offers a Women’s Rape & Sexual Violence/Abuse Helpline. It runs from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm, Monday and Thursday evenings from 6pm - 9pm and Saturday mornings 10am - 1pm. When the lines are not live, they have a 24-hour answer-phone service where you can leave a safe number and they will call you back. More information here.

Men Against Sexual Abuse (MASA):

You can contact or call/message Paul on 07468 569 042.

NSPCC and Childline:

Anyone concerned about a child can contact the NSPCC Helpline for advice on 0808 800 5000. Adult victims of non-recent sexual abuse can also get in touch for support. Childline is available for young people on 0800 1111 or at

First Light:

Helpline: 0300 777 4 777

Secure Email:

How to report it to the police:

If you require immediate assistance, call 999. Alternatively, you can call 101 or you can visit your local police station. The police will then:

  • Arrange for an officer to come and talk to you

  • Ask you if you wish to speak to a male or female sexual offences liaison officer (SOLO)

  • Explain to you exactly what happens when a rape or sexual offence is reported to the police

  • Ask you for: your name and address, where and when you were assaulted, what happened to you and any details of your attacker

  • Keep you updated about the investigation

More details here.

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