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Above and Beyond Awards 2024: Staff Winners

Beth Evans, SU President

27th June, 2024

Photography: Ray Goodwin

Last week, we held the awards ceremony for the annual AUPSU Above and Beyond Awards and it was such a great time that we wanted to keep the celebrations going! Here are all the staff winners from this year's event:

Team of the Year - Digital Print Bureau

Jim Sturgeon and Harrison Toomer were nominated for their gentle approach to guiding students and respectfully educating them on the best printing methods.

Shortlist: Digital Print Bureau, Pre-Degree Maths Team and Extended BA

Best Technical Support - Rusty Cleave

Rusty was nominated for always being on hand with set building and last minute inductions, and always being on the lookout for industry opportunities that align with student interests.

Shortlist: Dan Chapple, Matt Holmes, Paul Hillon, Jen Moorby and Rusty Cleave

Best Academic Support - Sarah Gilmore

Saerah was nominated for making complex concepts clear and accessible and helping students to believe in themselves.

Shortlist: Tobie Loates, Sarah Gilmore, Jo Dorothea-Smith and Sheri Hannon

Professional Services Award - Louise Sharland

Louise was nominated for her warm natured approach to providing specialist holistic careers advice to students and for being a wonderful colleague and mentor.

Shortlist: Jeff Wright, Louise Sharland, Harrison Newman, Charlie Bowyer

Student Champion Award - Emily Watkins

Emily was nominated for always being approachable and cheerful and spreading optimism around like it’s going out of fashion. Her nominee said "you leave her orbit revelling in renewed self belief".

Shortlist: Emily Watkins, Harriet Moore, Helen Markes and Beth Evans

Staff-Led Project of the Year - From Under the Bushel, Lou Fox

Under the Bushel, the PS1 exhibition, curated by Lou Fox, honoured the artistic skills of a range of staff members and platformed this for staff, students and visitors to see.

Shortlist: From Under The Bushel, Anti-Burnout Initiative, Staff Book Club and Portrait Competition

Community Excellence Award - Donna Gundry, Emma Gribble, May Watts, Katie Beasley, Tima Metcalfe and Kelly Hewing

This group all participated in the Trevi Women Warrior Walk and raised over £500 for the charity!

Shortlist: Jenny Evans, Beth Evans and Stephen Felmingham, Donna Gundry, Emma Gribble, May Watts, Katie Beasley, Tima Metcalfe and Kelly Hewing, and Katie O’Brien


Sustainability Excellence Award - Emma Gribble

Emma was nominated for working tirelessly in linking the dye garden with student practice, advocating for a rich natal dye programme of learning and working on new dye recipes for textile dye processes.

Shortlist: Dan Chapple, Emma Gribble and Maria Psiliagkou

Inclusion Excellence Award - Harry Faint

Harry Faint is the host of the Queer Reflections podcast, and a South West ambassador for IT GETS BETTER UK and he constantly advocates for LQBTQIA equality within the education sector.

Shortlist: Annie Williams, Harry Faint, Jon Blyth and Harriet Moore, and Steven Forsyth


Kindness Award - Jack Viant

Jack was nominated because he embodies the spirit of kindness through his unwavering dedication to helping others, never fails to check in or crack a joke and he effortlessly brightens students’ and staff’ days.

Shortlist: Jack Viant, Rachel Hamilton and Sarah King

Special Recognition Award - Tima Metcalfe

Tima has been a constant voice for the university for over 10 years and always acts with an abundance of positivity from finding new starters places to live and organising staff celebrations to supporting colleagues in times of trouble she is never afraid to go the extra mile to support both students and staff.

Shortlist: Sharon Woods, Tima Metcalfe, Charlie Bowyer, Danielle Stanger and Jane Davis

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