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Harriet Moore - Presidential Candidate

“A vote for me is a vote for your voices, heard."

Follow my campaign on Facebook and Instagram: @harrietmoorepcasu

Your Voices, Heard.

If elected, my main goal is to help students feel heard. This year, I proposed implementing a Suggestions Form onto the SU website which has led to developments based on your opinions. I aim to help set up more effective ways for students to provide feedback to the Students' Union, alongside Student Voice and the Suggestions Form, so that your SU can be more effective in giving you what you want. I want to make sure you feel that this is your Students' Union, I aim to make your suggestions reality, such as potential involvement with UPSU and MSU, more eco-friendly initiatives (such as food recycling bins and a college policy to help reduce electricity usage) and working closely with the SU Manager to ensure that the SU put on trips, events and other entertainment that you want, including live music, a pool table in the SU and much, much more!

Student Welfare and Mental Health.

If elected, one of my main goals is to improve support for student welfare and mental health. I want to end period poverty within all PCA campuses by providing sanitary products in every bathroom, in addition to the supplies available from the SU Office. I also want to help struggling students by developing the SU Food Bank by working with local businesses and charities. I am committed to helping better mental health, having completed Mental Health First Aid training and Suicide Prevention training. My aim is for all members of the Executive Committee and at least one Student Rep from each course to do MHFA training, creating a larger support network for students. I also aim to make sure students know where they can access all kinds of support, starting initially by running a Wellness Fair event as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Student Experience and Equality.

As I have been an active member of the SU Executive Committee for the past two years, I know how much the team can help to better student experience. If elected, I aim to keep developing this team and continuing an effective Executive Committee. Working closely with students such as the LGBTQ+ Lead, I aim to strive for equality throughout the college by building societies and hosting inclusive events for groups of students, including part-time, pre-degree, masters and mature students, e.g. hosting a mature students coffee morning. This academic year, I have also been a member of the Student Experience and Engagement Committee, working with the Senior Leadership Team and other staff to better student experience and feed back student opinions. I also want to provide more opportunities for students, starting with a Student Union Bursary awarded annually, through an application process, providing help to one student for their proposed project.

Expanding Networks.

Lastly, I think it is important to expand the SU's connections and network with businesses and charities both locally and across the UK. I aim to work with companies to find and advertise opportunities and experiences for students, including commissions, work experience and graduate jobs, and will develop my connections First Class Magazine, Business and Student Exchange, Plymouth Arts Cinema, etc. I would like to run more collaborative events such as a Pop-Up Pasty Shop with The Original Pasty House and wellness events with animal charities. I also aim to work with different charities to fundraise and raise awareness, similar to the events and fundraising that I did during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019. Additionally, I aim to provide support societies such as the Creative Enterprise Society and Artists For Change in projects and collaborations across the city and would like to work with the Volunteering and Charities Lead to implement a SU Volunteering Scheme.

Artwork by Lydia Pennell



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