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Jamie Halton take over

What made you want to join the Executive Committee?

I've always liked the idea of leaving things better than you found them so, as I was coming into my final year at PCA, I decided I'd like to do what I can to improve the student experience before I finish my degree.

Why did you choose your particular role?

Quite simply because it's the most-senior role below the president and, therefore, I saw it (and still see it) as the most effective position to be in if you want to make changes.

What has been your favourite part of being on the Executive Committee?

I've loved revamping the PCA constitution and becoming the first-ever student-governor at PCA but, most of all, I've loved fighting for the students (including myself, of course), most recently on extended deadlines. It was incredibly satisfying to get a good result and I enjoyed giving something back to the community.

What do you plan to do with the rest of your time on the committee? 

I intend to continue to make sure that all students are as supported as possible by PCA and its SU throughout the current COVID-19 outbreak.


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