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LGBT History Month: Who are Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera?

This LGBT History Month we are looking at a range of important figures in LGBTQ+ history. Fraizer, your LGBTQ+ Representative, has chosen a variety of people who are important to LGBTQ+ history for different reasons and who come from varied backgrounds. Each week we will look at people in politics, art and more, and from as early as 27 BC.

This week we are featuring Marsha P. Johnson (1945 - 1992) and Sylvia Rivera (1951 - 2002).

Marsha and Sylvia were self proclaimed drag performers and commonly associated with Greenwich Village, as well as being prominent figures in the Stonewall Uprisings. They were hugely committed to wider social justice, which led to them being leaders of the Gay Liberation Movement.

Marsha and Sylvia are commonly considered the 'Mothers of Pride'. These two best friends were the first trans women of colour to lead an organisation in the United States of America. They lead the first LGBTQ+ Youth Shelter, which was located in North America. Sylvia and Marsha are a huge reason why we can celebrate LGBT History Month, proudly.

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Hadley Roberts
Hadley Roberts
Apr 16, 2023

I love these!!!!!!!😍

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