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LGBTQ+ Society and History Month

Times like these are perfect to sit back and reflect upon everything we have accomplished so far in this academic year! As your LGBTQ+ Representative, looking back on my time at PCA so far, one of my proudest highlights was February’s LGBTQ+ history month!

Throughout this month, the society threw a range of events and even commissioned first-year BA (Hons) Fine Art student and LGBTQ+ Society member Greta Johnson to design a tote bag design to be themed around various icons of LGBTQ+ history!

Myself, my friends and the SU have produced amazing events such as the bake sale, karaoke and quiz night! Our bake sale sold a variety of goodies from vegan banana bread to stain glass cookies, run by Greta Johnson and Beth Mundy.

There were also LGBTQ+ film screenings, including The Danish Girl: a film about the artist Gerda Wegener and her husband Einar. After she asks her husband to pose as a female model for her painting, Einar begins to realise his repressed identity.

Later on in the month, the SU hosted a karaoke night and then at the end of the month, a fun LGBTQ+ themed Kahoot! pub quiz with prizes for the winning team. The quiz night was such a great way to close off the month of events and have a competitive and relaxed night.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the month, with all of the profits from the events and the tote bags, we managed to raise £100 that was donated to Eddystone Trust! Eddystone Trust is an independent organisation that provides information and support for anyone affected by HIV across the South West.

Special thanks to the Executive Committee and SU Team for making this possible, my flat and friends for helping bake for the bake sale, and everyone who supported in any way. Harry McCallum

LGBTQ+ Representative

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