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PCA:SU Updates

Hello everybody - Jamie here. I hope you’re all doing well.

This blog post doesn’t have a theme - it’s just a few updates from us.

Firstly, we’re glad that the blanket extension of deadlines was received well. I’m personally very happy about this because it proves that PCA:SU is capable of effectively and powerfully representing the students’ needs. We’re all more than happy to ‘fight’ for you, so please continue to come to us with any issues you have. We (the executive committee) meet with senior leadership every other Wednesday. Please get in touch with Rowena, me, or any other member of the executive committee if you have any issues you’d like us to bring to the table for you.

Secondly, I’ve set up two things to help combat isolation loneliness. The first is an official PCA Discord server. If you’ve not heard of Discord, it’s just like Skype/Zoom/etc but, in my opinion, a bit nicer. Come hang out and chat with us. The second is an ‘Official Isolated Students of PCA Support Group’ which is really self-explanatory. It’s designed to be both a literal support group and a collaboration page so, whether you need online support, you’re feeling down, you’re in Plymouth and need supplies (food/medicine/etc) urgently, or you just want to share some cool stuff and have a chat, do come and visit. The links for both of these will be at the end of this blog post.

We are also working on SU events to run for you including online quizzes (Kahoot) and virtual coffee and cake mornings. We’re also currently running #PCASUAPRILMAKERS, an opportunity for you to make and share artwork with us in return for prizes.

One of my favourite pieces of art so far has been Jessie Hill’s ‘The Hermit’ illustration, shown below.

‘The Hermit’, by Jessie Hill, @417illustrations

Jessie has also very kindly sent us a blank template of the drawing so that you can colour it in yourself!

‘The Hermit, linework’, by Jessie Hill, @417illustrations

Thanks for sharing, Jessie. Remember to keep sending in your work everybody! We love what’s coming in so far.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.


Jamie Halton

Vice-president of PCA:SU

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