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Productive Things To Do That Aren't Work

Of course doing your coursework is important, but so is taking care of yourself. For those of you who like being busy and who need to feel like you are doing something when you aren’t doing assigned work, try some of the things on this list. It’s important to remember to not just do these things though, and to get back on track with your other tasks when you can.

  1. Tidy your room - start with making your bed and opening your curtains, it totally transforms the space.

  2. Read a book/website/blog about the field you want to work in - take notes where relevant.

  3. Meal prep for the week ahead to make sure you are eating properly.

  4. Build your portfolio.

  5. Reorganise your website - make sure it is always up to date so you are showcasing the work you are most likely going to do for clients.

  6. Sort through your old clothes and take them to clothes banks or sell them online.

  7. Do your washing.

  8. Clean the kitchen/bathroom/any other shared spaces.

  9. Do some yoga.

  10. Go out on a walk and take some photos.

  11. Draw/paint those photos.

  12. Write a little update about how life is going and any changes in plans.

  13. Organise your computer and hard drive.

  14. Bake some bread for the people you live with.

  15. Research something you are passionate about and tell someone about it.

  16. Write thank you messages to cheer people up or...

  17. Send little gifts and cards to your friends.

  18. Check your emails and make sure to add things to your calendar where needed.

  19. Journal! Keep track of your emotions and why you feel certain ways so you know what to do more/less or over time.

  20. Watch a TedTalk. I really like this one.

  21. Make dinner for the people you live with, it’s so easy to forget to socialise despite being in the same space as them all the time.

  22. Write a review of something in your chosen field. Here is a breakdown for writing film reviews and art reviews.

  23. For those that want to set up a business in the future, do more research. How are you going to price things? How are you going to source packaging? Are you going to be environmentally friendly? Are you going to have a website or sell on something like Etsy?

  24. Call or message someone, make sure they are okay, and make sure you are too.

  25. Help people with their work if you are able to - this could be as simple as proofreading an essay or having them tell you about a subject to help them remember the information.

You don’t need to be productive all of the time, remember to take proper breaks and to check in with yourself.

Mimi Jones

UAL Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Film, Animation & Media Production Student

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