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Recipes to Try During Lockdown 2.0

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Big thanks to Jem North for letting us know about Mob Kitchen, and the Mob Team for sending us over the latest e-book for you all! I thought I'd pick out my favourite recipe of the one's I've tried so far, but there's plenty more in the e-book below. Want even more recipes and tips? Check out the Mob Kitchen website too.

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We’ve taken the elements of a chicken katsu: crispy breaded chicken, curried sauce and tangy fresh vegetables then stuffed them inside a wrap in what couldn’t be an easier recipe. Boom.


● 24 chicken nuggets or tenders (meat free if you prefer!)

● 6 tbsp mayonnaise

● 1 tbsp medium curry powder

● 1 tbsp + 1 tsp soy sauce

● 1 lime

● 4 medium carrots

● 1 bunch of coriander

● 1 cucumber

● 8 wraps

● Crispy onions, to serve (optional)

● Salt

● Pepper


01. Cook the nuggets/tenders according to packet instructions.

02. Meanwhile, make the katsu mayo. Mix the mayonnaise, curry powder, soy sauce and juice of 1/2 lime together in a bowl.

03. Grate the carrots and roughly chop the coriander (stalks and all), scrape into a bowl. Using a peeler, peel the cucumber length-ways into long ribbons into the same bowl. Squeeze in the remaining lime juice and season with salt and black pepper to taste.

04. Assembly time. Heat the wraps then spread each with a spoonful of the katsu mayo, pile in the slaw then top with the nuggets/tenders, some remaining mayo and crispy onions, if using. Boom.

Fancy having a go at this recipe or one of the others? Share your pics on Instagram and tag us @pca_su and @mobkitchen.

Happy cooking!



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