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Isolation Support Group

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hi all, Jamie here.

You may have noticed that we’ve started a new official PCA SU Facebook group, the “Isolated Students of PCA Support Group”. If you haven’t, go check it out now!

We created this group because, as we get deeper into this current health crisis, it is becoming more clear the effect that it will have on people’s mental and physical wellbeing. Now, in my opinion, the best way to get through hard times is by banding together. Since we must socially-distance ourselves and, therefore, cannot band together literally, I have made this page so that we may do so online instead.

I hope it will become a busy place where people can share uplifting news, tips on how to stay creative, help for those struggling, etc. I also hope people can casually chat and share what they’ve been doing with all the free time we’ve got right now!

Most importantly, we must all keep in mind that this is all temporary. As difficult as it may get, and it may get quite difficult, we will get through it by following proper advice (social-distancing and staying indoors where necessary), staying positive, and sticking together!

Stay safe and look out for each other.


Jamie Halton

Vice-President of Higher Education 19/20

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