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Staying Safe in Plymouth

Now that the nights are closing in a lot earlier you might be finding yourself walking in the dark more often, whether it's back home from some drinks with friends or walking back from a day at Arts University Plymouth, so I wanted to let you know about some schemes in Plymouth that are there to keep you safe!

Here are Arts University Plymouth Students' Union, we offer free personal alarms that are available to collect from the Student Union Office. Most of the alarms we offer have a built-in torch as well as being able to alert people around you that you need some help. Whilst we hope you'd never have to use yours, they are a great thing to keep handy on your bag or keys, especially if you're regularly walking alone at night, so please do come in and grab one from us!

Have you heard about the Plymouth Night Bus? Thanks to funding from the Home Office’s Safer Streets 4 initiative, three routes have been created which will run from Derry’s Cross at midnight, 2am and 4am. You can find more information on the Plymouth City Council website here.

If you're on a night out, don't forget about the support many pubs, bars and clubs have in place for you around the city. For example, within the SU Bar here, we offer free anti-spiking devices (including foil cup covers and stoppers for bottles) and we operate Ask for Angela if you're ever put in an uncomfortable situation.

Another measure that's been but in place to help people feel safer are Emergency Help Points, which can be found across the city. A list of locations can be found on the Plymouth City Council website here. These help points automatically connect to the Council’s 24/7 CCTV control room, who monitor a situation until emergency services are on their way, meaning you don't need phone signal or battery to get in touch with vital support.

Lastly, you can find the Devon and Cornwall Police Student Safety Guide for 2022/23 here, which includes information about keeping yourself, your house and those around you safe.

If you ever feel unsafe, please don't be afraid to call one of the non-emergency or emergency numbers, and don't forget we have monthly Coffee with Cops events in The Refectory with the University Police Liaison, Tracey, who you can speak to about anything concerning you.


Harriet Moore

Student Union Manager

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