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Student Union Executive Committee Candidates 22/23

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Make your voice heard by voting for your FE (Pre-Degree) and HE (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) Student Union Executive Committee 2022/23 on the form sent to your emails this morning. You can only vote once and your vote is anonymous. The Returning Officer and chosen other senior member(s) of staff have access to the results.

Not sure who to vote for? Read over the manifestos below!


LGBTQ+ Representative (FE) - Andrew Hannaford

Hello! My name is Andrew Hannaford (He/him) I’m trans and gay and I’m passionate about making sure that all LGBT+ students feel as included and welcomed as possible!

If elected as Pre-degree LGBT+ Representative I promise to:

  1. Campaign for gender neutral toilets as being part of the pre-degree site

  2. Make sure LGBT+ perspectives and artists are included and considered in relation to study of contemporary art and art history

  3. Investigate setting up a binder exchange program

  4. Be dedicated to making the pre-degree campus as a safe and welcoming place to all LGBT+ students

I have previous experience being head student in my previous sixth form as well as being elected student leader of the LGBT+ support group as well. As well as this I have participated in public speaking competitions and events. I’m super enthusiastic about listening to students' needs and voicing them to make a difference so if I sound like the type of person you would want as your LGBT+ representative then please vote for me!

LGBTQ+ Representative (FE) - Logan Potter

My name is Logan (he/they) and I am a trans man. I decided to run for this position as I think it is vital that those within the LGBTQIA+ community are respected and cared for in the college community.

My main goal is to ensure the safety of queer individuals both inside and outside of the college, and to give those struggling with prejudice and discrimination wherever they may be a place to be themselves.

I am still working through my journey of self discovery and hope to help all who are walking the same path I am, whether that be in the early stages of discovering their identity or those who have a solid understanding and are just looking for somewhere to express themselves and get any extra support they may need.

There is no room for discrimination and isolation in an accepting environment, instead I hope for room to learn and discuss the parts of us that make us who we are. Even I am still lacking in knowledge of certain identities, but I hope that, given the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and express our own, our college community will become a more welcoming place for those who feel not so welcome elsewhere.

I would also like to state that you do not have to be completely sure of your identity to be able to speak about your experiences. Personally I refer to myself as unlabelled or queer as I am yet to find a label that I feel encompasses how I truly feel. Maybe one day I will find that label, but I have grown to realise that I don’t need a label to feel justified in my attractions, and that goes for everyone struggling with their identity.

Wellbeing Representative (FE) - Pyran Watson

If elected for Wellbeing Representative (HE), I would aim to:

  1. Have all members of staff Mental Health First Aid Trained (Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) - Level 2 Qualification)

  2. Attempt to have a blood donation event every 3 months hosted at Arts University Plymouth for students and general public

  3. Run several Wellbeing charity events over the year (ie; Movember, World Mental Health Day)

As well as any other events or ideas students and staff may have. I think these will have a positive impact on Arts University Plymouth because it is extra support for students, staff and the Plymouth community as well getting everyone more involved in their own health and encouraging them to be involved in others’

I have experience in both physical and mental health. I myself have ASD (diagnosed as asperger’s syndrome) and grew up as a young carrier for my Mum and brothers who all had varying disabilities and have developed an understanding and compassion for different disabilities, mental health conditions and neurodivergence, and if im not informed enough on a certain disability or condition I will go away and research so I can do the most possible to help and inform.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto and feel free to contact me and ask any questions about my ideas at

Wellbeing Representative (FE) - Florence Beatrice

Mental health is a priority, which is why I am running for Wellbeing Representative.

I believe that without taking care of your mental health your brain cannot function creatively. If I was elected I would listen to the individual voices of our community making it a open and safe environment for the Union's mind.

I understand the responsibility will be taking on. I am ready to help, listen, learn and talk.

Together, we can fight the stigma.

Mature Representative (HE) - Alison Robb

I am a mature student who completed their BA in Commercial Photography in July ‘22. I have since gone on to study for a Masters at AUP. Therefore, I have excellent knowledge of the uni and it’s facilities and also work as a Student Ambassador and a library assistant in the university’s library.

I appreciate that uni life for mature students is slightly different with regard to the other responsibilities we often share and therefore it is not always easy to participate in social events. I want to make it easier for mature students to socialise and support each other by making events accessible. I intend to do this by putting socials on at times that fit students who have external responsibilities. I am open and friendly and I have ideas with regard to setting up support groups, coffee & cake socials & potentially trips to museums, exhibitions & galleries. Collaboration is key during your studies at AUP and this is something that as a mature student is not always easy. Perhaps a mature student collaboration group would be something that would interest you, and something that I would be happy to facilitate.

Mature Representative (HE) - Dorron Britz

To my fellow Students,

I am Dorron Britz, a mature BA (Hons) Fine Art student in my 1st year. I was born and schooled in South Africa many, many years ago, so you may detect an unfamiliar accent of sorts. I have been based in Plymouth for the past 2 years having previously lived and worked as a professional Engineer and Programme Manager in various locations around the world, for the past 45 years, leading and managing large, international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational teams of skilled professionals. A recent life changing event prompted me to pursue the passion which brought me to Europe in the first place; Art. That is how I came to be at AUP. One is never too old to reinvent oneself and to start anew on a new adventure - as a mature student, this is likely to resonate with you.

As the Mature Student Officer, I bring a lifetime of experience in management, organisational and problem solving skills, having managed several large-scale, international projects and programmes for clients in Government, Banking, Transport, Defence, Energy and Pharma.

Whilst attending AUP as an extended BA student (2021/2022), I served as the Extended BA Student Representative, attended numerous Student Staff Liaison Group (SSLG) and Student Voice meetings, thus establishing a rudimentary understanding of wider student issues and concerns at AUP. I am bold and assertive when it comes to raising issues on behalf of my fellow students, arguing their case clearly, eloquently and with passion. Whilst I may not always be able to ‘fix’ a student’s problem, I am likely to know someone in AUP who will be able to help.

To date I have taken several University degrees (this will be my fifth). I am therefore not a stranger to the many challenges faced by students (and indeed students in general), and in particular, mature students who generally carry a great many personal commitments and responsibilities (and worries) beyond the confines of AUP. The pressure that these challenges place on mature students can be a weighty and sometimes overwhelming burden. I will do my best to ensure that such pressures do not become a barrier to the fulfilment of mature students’ goals and dreams.

I will not always share the same views and concerns as some of my fellow mature students, but I will always respect their right to hold their views and I will carry and project their concerns as sympathetically, accurately and effectively as possible. If elected to be the Mature Student Officer 2022/2023, I will strive to be your voice, the voice of mature students at AUP, and ensure that your voice is heard, listened to and acted upon.

Mature Representative (HE) - Helen Butland

"H" stands for Listening

I am passionate about listening, as a vital part of creative communication and more importantly to enable a deeper quality of connection between people.

Therefore I always leap to any opportunity to do a bit of listening - this brings me all kinds of rich interactions and friendships with my student peers and the University staff, as well as anybody else who comes into my whereabouts!

I also have a keen sense of fairness and am always happy to raise issues on behalf of my student peers. As a Student Rep last year in the Extended BA, and now a Student Rep in my first undergraduate year of Craft & Material Practises I attend all the meetings that come along with that, and I'm not shy to give voice to those I have listened to. Although I am part time, I tend to spend most of my week in the craft studios, so I am nearly always in the University buildings, so you will readily be able to find me for a chat.

If I am successful in my candidacy for Mature Students' Representative on the Student Union Executive Committee, I will undertake to seek out YOUR experiences and issues and represent mature students as a group. I am approachable and will make myself available to YOU. I am also eager to find out what activities can enrich the experiences of mature students at Arts University Plymouth, and to facilitate these. What do you fancy? Social get togethers, shared workshops, meeting for lunch in the canteen, discussion groups, holding table top sales together, local outings, Scrabble evenings...I am listening!

Thank you for considering voting for me.

Helen Butland, Craft & Material Practices BA (Hons)

But everyone calls me "H"

Ethnic Minorities Representative (FE) - Jam Queroda

My name is Jam Queroda,I’m currently a third year film,animation and media production student.I wanted to run for this position because I want different Ethnicities to be heard and be given more attention regardings their needs.

As an asian individual,my main goal is to make sure that the other ethnic minorities are given more opportunities of inclusion in any aspects.I know how hard it is to be able to be included and feel included whether it's academically or socially,I also know how hard it is to express ideas and thoughts without feeling the hesitation of speaking out because of the language barriers,hence this I think ethnic minorities needs more help and guidance in writing and speaking to overcome all this barriers and to feel more confident.

Things I would like to do if I get elected

-Open Forum for students to talk about themselves and upbringing,this will allow the inclusion and diversity awareness of other ethnic minorities,also to talk about their further needs.

-Freedom Wall for students to stick on sticky notes to express their thoughts and feelings,this will also allow the member of staff/student’s union to know which students needed help.

-Poster-making/Art making this will allow students to showcase and express their different cultures through art.

-Culture Day for students to be able to dress according to their culture to showcase and bring more knowledge about their culture.

-Writing Workshop for students who struggle in English writing,this will allow them to improve their expressions,ideas and thoughts academically and socially.

Volunteering and Charities Lead - Peter Jerrett

Hi! My name is Pete and I'm hoping to improve and develop the landscape of volunteering and charity support at the university.

I'm a first year Film & Screen Arts student, but before that, I worked for a national charity for two years, with a focus on volunteer engagement.

I have also been an active volunteer for numerous charities and organisations for around 8 years and can speak from personal experience about how rewarding volunteering can be, and the great benefits it has given me both personally and professionally. I'd love to be able to bring this experience to the role of Volunteering and Charities Lead.

What I Hope To Do

Listen and Learn

First and foremost, I want to listen to the views and experiences of other students. I'm particularly interested to learn:

  1. What charitable causes and organisations matter to you. Which charities have helped you or have you seen make a positive difference to other people’s lives.

  2. What kind of volunteering opportunities will help you to develop, either personally or professionally. What’s going to look great on your CV and help you to thrive.

I will also work to establish myself as a point of contact for anybody who has any ideas or needs any advice on charities or volunteering. Need help setting up a JustGiving page for the Plymouth Half? I'm your man!

Have More Fun, Raise More Funds

I hope to be able to work alongside key contacts in the SU, such as the Events & Societies Lead, to integrate fundraising into fun events around campus. Think lunchtime bake sales, craft competitions, karaoke bar nights, raffles, sponsored sporting events - with a whole university of creatives, the possibilities are endless!

Meaningful Volunteering, Brought to You

I'll endeavour to streamline and optimise volunteering to make it more accessible, both for students and people looking for volunteers.

I’ll start by developing the online presence of volunteering at the University so that external organisations who need the support of our students can contact us easier.

I'll then act as the "middle man" by processing volunteering opportunities and highlighting what impact you will have and what you can gain from the opportunity before bringing it to you.

I hope to implement both a physical and virtual "noticeboard" for students to see and apply for these opportunities.

Events and Societies Lead - Archie McKenzie

Hello! I'm Arch, a third year illustration student and activist. I was disability representative for the SU last year, and am involved in organising local community projects such as Trans Pride and Ink Snails Collective. I want to see AUP grow into a stronger community. As a member of the student union, I would support our ongoing societies and provide community events that bring students (and staff!) together.

AUP is in need of more community. We are lacking events, connection and communication through our student body, leading many students to feel disconnected from the wider community. As the organiser for the first Trans Pride in Plymouth this summer, I have seen what events can do to create that connection for people, and would like to provide that energy to our university environment. Let's bring come life into the student union!


AUP societies are currently very reliant on their leaders having time and energy for them. As Events and Societies Lead, I would check in and assist our society leaders as often as they need to keep the pressure off them and help our communities thrive! I will:

  • book spaces

  • organise event staffing where needed

  • check in on stress levels

  • assist with on the go event issues

  • offer general advice and support


  • I would like to make regular student work fairs, especially on the run up to christmas, with a degree of public access.

  • Daytime events that are prioritise accessibility, such as workshops, coffee mornings and fairs/fests.

  • A regular evening social events such as: games night, quiz night, drag night, cakes and bakes night, film night etc

Vote Arch for events and societies that grow the community.


All other positions not listed here remain vacant and will be re-advertised to the student body for a second election after the results from this election have been published.

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