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Top Tips for Student-Friendly Interior Design

LEARN HOW TO PERSONALISE YOUR SPACE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR DEPOSIT with BA (Hons) Interior Decoration, Design and Styling 2022 Graduate, Hannah Parsons.

We all know its hard to make your student room your own, whether you have ugly curtains or an old fashioned carpet, here are some tips and tricks that won't annoy your landlord and will keep the cost low too.


Rugs are a great way to disguise that hideous carpet from 2010, while adding some extra comfort to your room. Dunelm, B&M, and eBay are fantastic places to shop for reasonably priced rugs to personalise your space.


Bedding is an important aspect of any bedroom, as it can make it feel more put-together and personal. First, decide on a colour palette for your space and try to stick with it - your bedding is an excellent place to begin. You can also colour your bed sheets yourself by getting creative with a white cotton sheet and some fabric dye - just make sure you do it outside to avoid ruining your carpets and walls!


Customising anything is one of the simplest ways to make it your own, whilst sticking to a strict budget. Why not go on a charity store hunt for items like photo frames, vases, and decorations that you can personalise? It’s an inexpensive way to get unique items that you won’t find anywhere else, plus it benefits a worthy cause. Make a whole day of it with your friends, it's a good way to break the ice with new flatmates too!


Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors in, and they have been shown to give an environment a calming aura, which is ideal for reducing study stress. Real plants also have significant health benefits, for example plants that purify the air. However, if you’re not sure whether your environment is suitable or whether you can keep it alive, why not get crafty and try out a paper plant tutorial to make your own and avoid the hassle of having to water real ones.


Student accommodation doesn't always have the biggest rooms, so a top tip for making the room look and feel bigger is introducing mirrors to the space. Light reflects off mirrors, creating the illusion that your room is bigger than it really is so I'd suggest getting a full-length mirror and use command strips to hang it on your wall. Command strips allow you to take it down without damaging the wall. If this isn’t possible, purchase a freestanding mirror or rest one against the wall, but make sure it doesn’t scratch the paint.


Personalise your space with images and memories of moments you spent with friends and family. If there are items around you that you’ve been able to enjoy, and they’re fun to look back on in times of stress and sadness, you’ll feel at home and like it’s your own. You can also add to them throughout your university experience.


Change the light shade in your bedroom if your landlord allows it; if not, lamps are a great way to accessorise in a small space and can be customised to fit your aesthetic. Fairy lights are also quite cosy and soothing, and can be found for a reasonable price at stores like Primark and B&M.

Lastly, always make sure to check with your landlord to see what you can and cannot do to avoid paying fines for any damage. Most importantly, make the place a secure and comfortable environment for yourself. There may be aspects you dislike, but you can always add your own touches to make it your own.

Want to find out more about Hannah? Follow her on Instagram @hkp.styling.

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