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Student Union President 24/25 Candidate Manifestos

It's time to find out the candidates for your Student Union President 24/25!

Want to be informed, hear about the Student Union President candidates manifestos or just have some questions for them? Come along to the Meet The Candidates event in the Students' Union on 14th March, 12pm - 2pm and make an informed choice this election.

All enrolled Arts University Plymouth students get the chance to vote, cast yours via the Google Form sent over email. Voting begins on 18th March and ends on 22nd March.

Who will you elect as your next Student Union President? Read their manifestos below.

Beth Evans

Hi, my name’s Beth (They/Them) and I’m your current SU President! I am passionate about problem-solving, mentally sustainable study practice and facilitating fair access to materials and opportunities within your AUP experience.

Continuing to be an effective bridge between staff and students is very important to me, and I am confident in my ability to chair Student Voice, actively partake in Student Staff Feedback meetings and to not only share feedback in both committee and Board of Governors meetings but to also provide potential solutions.

Furthermore, I am passionate that current student issues like the cost of living crisis are brought up in these meetings, regardless of whether or not they are actually on the agenda. Over the past eight months, I have built strong relationships with staff members across the university and can work effectively with those departments to directly act on student feedback.

This year, I began hosting Pre-Degree Drop In sessions in response to Student Voice feedback to ensure that students off of the main Tavistock Place campus can engage with the SU more easily and feel connected and included. I believe that maintaining a positive Student Experience for those in Studio 11, Pre-Degree and the MA campus is integral to the validity of the Students’ Union.

I set up @aupsupresident on instagram, for a more casual and immediate form of communication. It is now also easier to stay up to date with SU activity without having to be online all of the time as I began writing weekly what’s on lists on the SU’s chalkboard and making poster-responses to feedback left in the anonymous suggestions box. This would continue to be a focus of mine.

Over the last eight months I have still been working as a freelance artist. I completed a Residency and Test Space at KARST and published a second essay collection. This showcases my dedication and passion for being a practising artist as well as knowing how important it is to have support networks in place to make that achievable. It is here that the Anti Burnout Initiative comes into play. If re-elected, I would continue hosting the Study Social events both during and after university hours. This extends the contact hours students can have with SU staff from 9am-5pm to 9am-7pm as well as meaning SU resources such as the Food Bank are available for longer each day. Furthermore, hosting some of these events with a member of Student Support means there is a chance to get guidance from that department in a more informal setting, making discussing matters of mental health and wellbeing more accessible.

On top of maintaining the Anti Burnout Initiative and accompanying events such as Sitcoms and Cereal mornings, I would develop an Anti Burnout Initiative Website. This would be a dedicated space for the initiative and allow for it to expand. The website would house information in more dynamic formats, for example, animations and downloadable resources. As a part of this work, I would set up in person events too like litter-picks at lunchtime to encourage students to get fresh air and to take a break outside! Another idea I have is ‘The Coffee Club’ - a study group which works their way across independent cafes in Plymouth making studying social and off campus - feeling less like work and more like play!

Moreover, my experience in managing both my role as SU President and as an artist, proves to you the extent of which I can effectively manage my time, multi-task and successfully organise ambitious projects. This also means that I have a good understanding of how to propose and present ideas to a group confidently and eloquently. I am experienced in realising those ideas, confidently making decisions and working to create change both independently and collaboratively. For example, I planned the World Food Event independently and then directed team members from the SU, Refectory and Brand alongside the Senior Leadership Department to actualise the event which saw an attendance of over 60 students and alumni who learned about the Turing exchange Scheme, and enjoyed free hot meals from around the world on Blue Monday.

If re-elected, I aim to set up an SU Exhibition Library where you can rent shelves, frames and other materials for installing art shows as well as working with the University to hold an Art Auction in the Summer to both showcase and sell Student, Graduate and Alumni work. It would also provide opportunities for students to volunteer as curators and assist with the installation, advertisement and documentation of the event aiding in creative industry specific career development. This event would expand the university’s opportunities for collaborative achievement and provide a shared point of celebration!

The SU’s transition from this academic year to next would also be very smooth as I already have the relevant training and pre-existing experience of the role, as well as healthy relationships with staff across different departments and a great working dynamic with the SU Manager. This year I have worked really hard on some very rewarding projects and I have had a lot of fun doing so. It would be brilliant to keep working with you all!

Thank you for considering me.

Liam Olczyk

Hi! My name’s Liam, I’m a final year Graphic Design student + student ambassador here at AUP, and I want to be your future SU President!! AUP is my passion, I love this university and I want to make your experience as a student here as FAB as possible, so here’s what I want to do for you:

1. Volunteering

If elected, I want to make our university one that betters the wider community. I think Plymouth is a fantastic city, so why not be a part of making it even better?Volunteering is so important for community development, as well as being great work experience so I want to establish strong connections with local volunteering organisations for us to get involved with!

2. Greener University

As a massive nature enthusiast, I believe spending time outdoors and keeping our environmental impact low is crucial. I aim to improve and conserve our green spaces, so we have more areas to enjoy the outdoors from, for when the weather permits. As well as this, I want to bring environmental issues to the forefront and work on schemes that will help our university fight against the devastating impacts of climate change.

3. Bringing Cohorts Together

My main goal is to strengthen the AUP community. If elected, I want to ensure that we are all as connected as possible, whether that be through social events hosted in the SU, student-led workshops or collaboration projects that any student from any course can get involved with!

4. Supporting Societies

As the former Zine Society lead, I understand the importance of society contributions to the university, as well as the pressure and workload that comes with being a society lead. I hope to support societies as much as possible, dedicating time to society improvement and feedback, so we can all benefit from active and consistently running societies.

5. Awareness of the SU

Last but not least, I hope to raise awareness of what the SU does and can do for you as an AUP student, so you can make the most out of your time here with us.

I want to be the person that you can comfortably reach out to and trust in tackling issues important to you, no matter how big or small. Having been working closely with the Students Union as an AUP Student Ambassador for the last two years makes me confident that I can use my knowledge and experience for the better.

Voting for me means voting for a president completely dedicated to you and your student experience.

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