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5 Top Tips for Veganuary

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Perhaps your new years resolution is to try and live more of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or maybe all the food over the festive season has convinced you to join in with Veganuary. Either way, here are 5 top tips to eat green for a month!

Think About Your Motivation

What is the reason you're attempting Veganuary, or swapping to a veggie or vegan diet? Is it the challenge aspect, is it your views on eating meat and using animal products, is it health or diet related? Maybe it's a mix or maybe it's something else, but it's important to keep that in mind, especially when on the days when you're struggling - let that reason be the motivation you need to carry on!

Do Your Research

Whether it's what's available in nearby supermarkets, recipes you think you'll fancy or local vegan restaurants, swat up on everything you need to know about being vegan and even try and find your local vegan community! Plymouth has some great vegan restaurants and cafes to check out, including Cosmic Kitchen, Samphire Brasserie and Power Plant Cafe, plus there's plenty of places with vegan options too! HappyCow is a great website and app for discovering vegan and vegan-friendly places to eat out, so it's worth downloading and checking it out.

Get Inspired

This might seem like an obvious one, but find some vegan foodie social media accounts and explore some vegan blogs/ cookbooks to get some inspiration on what kind of vegan meals you plan to try. Have a look at these recipes from Feasting at Home (a compilation of 40 recipes), Bosh! (recipes in under 25 minutes, ideal when you're in a rush), Jamie Oliver and SO Vegan in 5 (recipes you only need 5 ingredients for, so perfect for meals on a budget) and see what takes your fancy. Failing that, speak to people you know who are veggie or vegan already and ask for their tips, like our very own Student Union Manager, Paige Nolan!

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning can make sticking to the veggie or vegan diets much easier and help make sure you're not tempted by some of your old favourites. Not only can it help you keep to your planned meals, it can help you save money and make food shopping much easier, because you only need to buy the ingredients for whatever you've planned for that week.

Check out the Veganuary Website and Email Service

The Veganuary website is an absolute essential if you're going vegan for January (and beyond), as they have a huge range of information including vegan restaurants, nutrition tips and more to keep you inspired throughout. Their email service, that you can sign up to here, is highly recommended because you get an email a day with recipes, meal plans and helpful tips.

Whether you're planning on trying Veganuary, or simply planning to stick to a veggie or vegan lifestyle, good luck!


Harriet Moore

Student Union President

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