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Caroline's Top Tips for International Students

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Caroline Barr, 14th August, 2023

Edited by Beth Evans


Caroline Barr is a 3rd Year Craft and Material Practices Student who moved here to study from Northern Ireland. Her practice is multi-media based, currently favouring glass and ceramics however she also frequently explores combining these with textiles too!

Here are Caroline's top tips for new international students!


1. Bring some home comforts, flags or artwork of your home.

It's nice to have some little comforts and reminders of back home. Whether it's your favourite cuddly toy or some artwork, these items really help your accommodation feel more homely and less alien.

2. Bring snacks or regional foods

Every time I leave home, I make sure there's room in my bag for regional snacks. Coming from Northern Ireland I always bring some Tayto crisps and some Veda bread (two of my favourite specialities that I can't get anywhere else.) Not only do I enjoy them when I feel homesick but they also are a great way to introduce your flatmates and friends to where you come from.

3. Get Involved

Get involved in freshers and uni. If you are by yourself homesickness is almost inevitable. However if you're having fun making new friends and out exploring what the city has to offer, you'll be too busy to think of home!

4. Find a Fresher's friend

As a Fresher, there is so much to see and do, and taking on a new place by yourself can be daunting but it's easier with a friendly face! Perhaps you meet someone at an event and get along, ask them for their contact info so you can attend another event together or even meet up to share a pizza for dinner!

5. Take some time to yourself

There is so much to see and do, but you don't have to do everything. Freshers can wear you out and leave you feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. Give yourself a break and spend some time relaxing, watch your favourite programme and remember your friends and family from back home are only a phone call away.

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