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Dorron's Advice for New Mature Students

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Dorron Britz

BA(Hons) Fine Art, Year 2

Dorron's practice is research based and sometimes auto-biographical. He aims to represent the spark of life and hope that can shine out dark places. Dorron is interested in the nature of relationships, the meeting point of different cultures, and the influence of spirituality on relationships.


Dorron's advice for Mature Students:

As a mature student, you are blessed with the opportunity of a 'second chance'; make the very best of it.

1. Keep an open mind. You will encounter many conceptual challenges. Embrace them all even if they feel uncomfortable at first.

2. Be curious. Before you can decide what kind of a 'maker' you will be, you have first to explore all that the AUP Tutors, Technicians and your fellow students can teach you.

3. Be playful. As a mature student, you are likely to have been socially conditioned to be purposeful in all that you do. However, you are now allowed (and expected) to be playful & experimental. You will learn from what you might formerly have thought of as 'mistakes'. It is through your creative 'mistakes' that happy, remarkable revelations will emerge.

4. Work consistently. From the earliest point, start a journal, fill it with every little thought, drawing, research, inspiration, poem, image; make this an automatic, daily habit. Plan and execute all of your assignments in a timely manner - make this a primary self-discipline. Don't leave things until the last minute!

5. Be hungry for new skills. AUP has an array of fantastic technical resources and a host of knowledgeable, experienced Tutors, Technicians and Learning Lab Specialists at your disposal, each and every one an Artist in their own right, offering inspired practical workshops. Attend as many workshops as you wish - this is one of the key benefits of attending AUP, so use it!

6. Be mindful and kind in your collaborations and engagements. The sources of learning and inspiration are to be found all around you. You have to engage in order to experience, you have to experience in order to understand, you have to understand in order to be able to 'speak' and create authentically with your own voice.

7. Embrace the entire experience, wholeheartedly and with every ounce of passion that you can muster.

And finally, there is no 'young' and no 'old' at AUP. We are all offered the same, equal opportunities, we will all be exposed to the 'NEW' in equal measure.


Check out Dorron's interview with Stone Lane Sculpture here, or give him a follow on instagram (@dorron.britz)

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