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Celebrating Creativity in the City

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This week I thought we could celebrate some of the recent creative happenings in the city, so here's a list of the latest events, art pieces and more from around Plymouth:

Random Art Corner - Union Street I caught up with students Eleanor and Abby about their involvement with the Random Art Corner exhibition on Union Street. Here's what they had to say...

"The Random Art Corner has been set up to try and bring some colour and life to Union Street by asking people of all ages and abilities to donate artwork to be displayed on the wall. We each did a painting of scenes from the game Animal Crossing as this was something colourful and something we played a lot during lockdown. The organiser of the group let us make our own frames and put the paintings up ourselves which was a cool experience. Whilst doing that we had members of the public come up to us and ask about the artwork and the project- it's been a really good way of getting our work out there. Since then, we've had a radio interview and have been in The Herald thanks to the project."

Mindful Art Club Peggy and Emma, who started the community art group, are both PCA alumni. Mindful Art Club aims to improves mental health and social connection in the Plymouth community by offering mutual aid support groups, and teaching mindfulness and art for self care.

They were recently awarded some more funding to help their volunteers and continue their weekly meet-ups (virtual or in person, depending on guidance) and wellbeing courses. You can find more information about the Mindful Art Club here.

North Stonehouse Substation Revamp

Joe Meldrum and Camilla Rose have been working hard to bring some life back to a substation in North Stonehouse. Below is what is looked like before they began work brightening up the structure.

The project is ongoing, but here is where Joe and Camilla have gotten to so far - with Joe painting the illustrations and Camilla sign-writing. You can keep up to date with the project via Joe Meldrum's LinkedIn.

Marsh Mills Billboards

Two PCA students, Mary Clark and Rachel Hopkins, were selected by an employer to have their artwork put on huge mobile billboards in the city. These billboards boast stark climate change and eco-friendly messages; "Nature is your home. Litter is vandalism." and "There is no Planet B". I caught up with Rachel about her involvement in this opportunity...

"I have personally gained so much from this experience. The exposure has created such an amazing, positive response, people are finally able to see what I was trying to achieve with this message. My following has also expanded which is so gratifying & thrilling to know that people are interested in my work and what I do as a creative."

The Box Foundation - Maureen Attrill Bursary Maureen Attrill worked at the former Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery for nearly 33 years before her sudden death in February 2011. During that time she made several key acquisitions for the city’s collections and masterminded a number of exhibitions based on hers and other peoples’ research. Thanks to the generosity of Maureen’s family, The Box Foundation (a charitable organisation that supports The Box) and the former Friends of Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, applications are now welcomed for a bursary of up to £1,250 to support a research project linked to The Box’s art collections, which can be used to fund travel expenses, attendance at conferences, seminars or events, materials, books and childcare costs. Applications to the Foundation can be made via this web page (which also has a lot more information about the Foundation and bursary) and will close at midday on Monday 21 December. The winner will be announced on 25 February 2021. The successful applicant will be expected to produce a project summary and a 1,000+ word article on their findings. They will also be offered the opportunity to present their research as part of The Box’s events programme in 2021.

A New Look for Plymouth's Subways

Over the summer, Plymouth Council commissioned artist Jon Lilly to paint a mural in the North Cross subway. The mural features iconic Plymouth landmarks and events, including Tinside Lido, Home Park, Smeaton’s Tower and fireworks (from the British Firework Championships). SHout out to the Clean our Patch volunteers who helped to prepare the wall for Jon's work.

Not only this but designer Symon Sweet has freshen up the subways shoal of steel fish. People walking into the city centre from the railway session will be greeted by the work in the North Cross subways and help to brighten up Britain's Ocean City. This work also helped to support local business Stainless Fabs Ltd as part of the local councils new initiative.

PCA Magazine's First Issue

Third year Painting, Drawing and Printmaking student Nath Stark has launched PCA Magazine - a place for collaboration and showcasing students work. You can check out the first issue of the magazine here. Speaking to Nath about the magazine, he said...

"I wanted to create PCA magazine for students and staff to have a publication for Plymouth College of Art. I felt it was important that there was a space that allows for collaboration digitally, if it be illustrations, photography or creative writing for example."

I hope that you enjoyed catching up on all the creative happenings in the city, let me know if you liked this post and would like to see more like it! Best, Harriet

Student Union President

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