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Earth Hour

This Saturday (28th March) at 8:30 p.m. local time will be the annual ‘Earth Hour’.

If you’ve not heard of it, Earth Hour is based on a movement for us to all cherish and look after our planet a little bit more for one hour each year (although, of course, we should be doing this year-round anyway!)

The most popular way for people to do this is by turning off all (or almost all) of the lights in their homes to reduce electricity usage. I would challenge you to go further by turning off your TV, computer, phones, etc. Use this time not only to cherish the planet but to be present and cherish the value of peace and quiet!

I personally quite enjoy turning off all the lights in my home and lighting some candles. It feels like time-travelling back a hundred years or two. So, grab a book or a board game or work on your art and join me in turning off your lights this Saturday!


Jamie Halton

Vice-president of PCA:SU

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