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LGBT History Month: Who is Frida Kahlo?

This LGBT History Month we are looking at a range of important figures in LGBTQ+ history. Fraizer, your LGBTQ+ Representative, has chosen a variety of people who are important to LGBTQ+ history for different reasons and who come from varied backgrounds. Each week we will look at people in politics, art and more, and from as early as 27 BC.

This week we are featuring Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954).

Frida Kahlo is a name most people will know, especially those in the art community. Her paintings explored themes such as identity, gender, class and postcolonialism.

As many know her for her artwork, they might not be aware that she was actually an open bisexual and would occasionally even dress in men's clothing. Her most famous of affairs is that with Josephine Baker, who also identified as bisexual. Frida and Josephine met in Paris, in 1939.

You may notice themes of sexuality woven into her work, from infertility to sexual pleasure. Many think Frida was well ahead of her time, not only with her art but with her views and personal life too. She is celebrated as a visionary Mexican bisexual and global LGBTQ+ icon for her beliefs and for her paintings.

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