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Making The Most Of Your First Year at PCA

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

So you've moved in and you're getting ready for Induction Week, but how do you make the most of your first year here at Plymouth College of Art? It's important to seize every opportunity, especially in the first year of your degree when you have more time to experiment, explore your options and engage with the wider community.

The best way to get a head-start in engaging is to join in with our Freshers events where you'll get to meet people of all ages and on all courses. We have all kinds of events, from casual Coffee and Cake events to Drink and Draws and an LGBTQ+ Bar Night, and you can book them all here. It's also great to get involved with some of our clubs and societies, they're a good way to make friends with people from all over the college so be sure to check them out on our web page and sign up to any that take your fancy.

I definitely recommend getting stuck into Workshop Wednesdays to take advantage of the facilities at PCA and learn from the amazing technicians. There's always something fun and new, you never know what might inspire or enhance your next project, and Workshop Wednesdays are definitely something I wish I'd taken more advantage of during my time studying. Similarly, make the most of your course and all that it has to offer.

As well as taking advantage of your academic staff, get in touch with all of the other departments that will enhance your university experience, from Student Support to Careers and the rest of the Learning Lab Team. They can help with everything from mental health support to developing a killer CV.

If you want to be even more engaged with the College and help represent the community by deciding to be one of your courses Student Representatives and engaging with Student Voice, nominate yourself as a member of our Executive Committee Team or even join the Student Ambassador teams.

Got any questions? Email me at

Collaborate, network and enjoy the PCA community,



Student Union President

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