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PCA:SU X The Float App

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Something that we have been trying to work on as a Student Union is being more collaborative with other teams across the institution. Harriet Moore, Marketing and Enterprise Lead, tells us more…

In an effort to work with the Learning Lab, I began to look into companies that we could introduce to Karen Welton to help students with their essays and dissertations. I came across The Float App, reached out, and having been working alongside them since. The Float App allows you to manage essays and to stay on top of your deadlines by seeing how many words you need to do per day to complete it before the deadline. It is completely free (ideal for that student budget haha) and has a really easy to navigate user interface. The app is now something that the team recommend to students when they come for essay and dissertation consultations.

We have also been working closely with the newest member of the Careers Team, Louise Sharland. Some of you may have met her at the Volunteering and Careers Fair, where she brought along the Job Wall and chatted to lots of students about their ideas of what she can do to help! We want to work closely with Louise in providing sessions and help with the things that you bring to us, either through coming in to chat or through Student Voice, so hopefully you will all be able to see this happening in the near future.

Photograph by Ray Goodwin.

Louise will also be joining us for the Networking Bar Night being run by myself on November 12th, giving out some useful tips on networking. Hope to see you there!


Harriet Moore

Marketing and Enterprise Lead

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