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Rainy Days in Plymouth

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Beth Evans, Student Union President

Tuesdsay 2nd Nov, 2023

There's a storm brewing, so we've put together a list of cool things to do whilst you wait for the sun to come back out!

1. Build a den and have a movie night!

Get some kitchen chairs and spare bed sheets and set up a den in front of the TV. Grab some snacks, blankets and friends and you're all good to go! Bonus points if you watch an absolute classic like The Princess Diaries.

2. Make your own pizza!

Making your own pizza is ridiculously simple - we've even attached a recipe for you here! Choose your own toppings and stick on the TV - you can't go wrong. Want to have even more fun? Make a sweet pizza with a nutella base!

3. Jackbox Games!

Nothing beats an in-person game night but if the weather's too bad to get you and your friends all in the same place why not try out some online options? Jackbox Games has some really funny and creative games. Our favourites are Champ'd Up, Mad Verse City and Survive the Internet. To play, one person needs to purchase a party pack and install it to their device (you could always split the cost between a group of you) once they've opened the app, everyone else joins using and waits in the lobby room.

if you are playing together virtually, you will need to use a second device with an app like Skype to screen share so you can all see what's going on in the game, but it's very easy to set up and you'll be laughing for hours.

4. Bake something!

You don't have to be overlly ambitious with this one. Find a recipe for a simple biscuit (here's one) and then decorate them with your housemates. You can have so much fun with this - why not turn each biscuit into portraits of each other and see how your friends really see you. Or since it's already November, lean into the festive spirit and make some snowflake designs.

To make water icing, all you need to do is mix icing sugar and water, then add some food dye and flavourings if you'd like.

5. Have a Duvet Day!

Put some pyjamas on and stay in bed all day. Catch up on some much needed sleep or read a book. You could practice an instrument, pick up crochet, the possibilities are endless and you never have to ditch the duvet!

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