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Student Union Executive Committee Candidates 23/24

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Make your voice heard by voting for your FE (Pre-Degree) and HE (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) Student Union Executive Committee 2023/24 on the form sent to your emails this morning. You can only vote once and your vote is anonymous. The Returning Officer and chosen other senior member(s) of staff have access to the results. Read over their manifestos below!

Mature Representative (HE) - Helen "H" Butland

“H” stands for Listening

As a vital part of creative communication Listening enables a deep quality of connection between people. I always relish any opportunity to do a bit of listening - this brings me all kinds of rich interactions and friendships with my student peers and the University staff, as well as anybody else who comes into my whereabouts!

I also have a keen sense of fairness and am always happy to raise issues on behalf of my student peers. As a Student Representative last year in Craft and Material Practices and before that in the Extended BA, I attended all the meetings that come along with that, and I’m not shy to give voice to those I have listened to. Although I am part time, I tend to spend most of my week in the craft studios or library, so I am nearly always in the University buildings, and you will readily be able to find me for a chat.

If I am successful in my candidacy for Mature Students’ Representative on the Student Union Executive Committee, I will undertake to seek out YOUR experiences and issues and represent mature students as a group. I am approachable and will make myself available to YOU.

If I’m not successful this time, I will continue to lead MatSoc, the Mature Students Society of the Students Union, arranging activities which enrich the experiences of mature students; social get togethers, shared workshops, meeting for lunch in the canteen, discussion groups, pub quiz team, Scrabble evenings, your ideas…I am listening!

Thank you for considering voting for me.

Helen Butland, BA (Hons) Craft and Material Practices

Everyone calls me “H”

Sustainability Representative (HE) - Tobias Davies

Hi I’m Tobias and I’m running for Sustainability Representative as it’s a

cause that’s close to my heart and I’m always looking to find areas to

improve sustainable practice. I think AUP has done very well to have

sustainability as one of its core values in the delivery of courses and I’d

like to make positive change possible in my time here!

As the previous Sustainability representative I helped bring attention to

the issue of disposable vape recycling as well as collaborating on a

letter to PCC to tackle the issue city wide. In case you didn’t know

there’s a recycling bin in the SU!

“Following feedback from students, and support from the SU and

Sustainability Representative (HE), we now have a Vape Recycling Bin

in the SU. If you use disposable vapes, know someone who does, or see

one lying in the street, feel free to recycle it in the Students' Union.

There are an estimated 1.3 million vapes thrown away every week, so

please help us do our bit.”- Quoted from the October student


My aims as Sustainability Representative:

● Work with staff to reduce E-waste through maintenance and

more repairable tech acquisitions as well as promoting Right

to Repair. I have a unit I’m working on in relation to this so I’d

like to either share some case studies via social media or write

you guys a newsletter occasionally!

● Encourage less waste in unit delivery with a focus on making art to

treasure or dissemble for either repair, retaining resources for new

students or recycling. Without in any way limiting creative


● I’m a member of the Green Maker Initiative and they facilitate a

Materials exchange which I think would be a great addition to

the workshops- One persons trash could be treasure for others

creative exploration!

● I’d like to work towards some transparency of what does go to

waste so students and staff can have awareness of where

practices can be improved.

● Promote Life-cycle thinking onsite and work to improve the

systems previous sustainability reps as well as staff have made


I’d like you to feel you have someone who can make your voice heard-

If you and your classmates notice an issue that you’d like addressed

please get in touch!

Thanks for your time :)

All other positions not listed here remain vacant and will be re-advertised to the student body for a second election after the results from this election have been published.

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