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Goodbye 2022...

As we look towards 2023, we also reflect upon the year we leave behind. Below is a recap of some of our top moments this year, but please do let us know if we've missed any!

We started off the year with a BANG, launching a huge range of new PCA:SU merchandise in January including hoodies, sweatshirts and trackies all screen-printed on site by Harriet and Paige, which you were all crazy about! The next week we hosted Skekinah and a hugely popular vintage clothing sale event.

As Enrichment Week ended, February began; we were ready and waiting with plenty of LGBT History Month events including a Drink and Draw, and Iris Prize on the Move was hosted on-site!

The 1st of March saw us saying farewell to the previous Student Union Manager, Paige Nolan, and Harriet becoming a one-woman team for a few months. In early March, Harriet headed to Buckfast Abbey to celebrate being a 30 Under 30 Winner, whilst the end of March saw the end of the presidential elections for academic year 2022/23, with Fraizer being elected.

April was a month of cracking on with the day-to-day work but Harriet still hosted our annual Easter egg hunt and managed a big restock of the Student Union Food Bank. Harriet was also shortlisted for a Rising Star Award in the Education Category!

In May, Harriet hosted a range of Mental Health Awareness Week events and hosted Pop Ups with The Original Fruitcakes Vintage Shop and Shekinah. The third year students kicked off the Summer Shows in Exeter with BA (Hons) Photography and we made the longlist three times in two categories of the National Societies and Volunteering Awards 2022. Professor Paul Fieldsend-Danks and Harriet sat down to announce the achievement of University Title, and we saw Plymouth College of Art become Arts University Plymouth.

The 13th of June saw some big staffing changes in the Students' Union, with Harriet leaving her Student Union President 2020-2022 role early to become the new Student Union Manager, and Fraizer starting his role as Student Union President 2022/23. We shortly set off to Sheffield for the National Societies and Volunteering Awards, then Manchester for the Queer Student Awards.

Much of July was spent knuckling down in our new roles, making sure we learnt as much as we could before preparation the next academic year kicked in, and purchasing some supplies in advance of another exciting revamp of the Students' Union space.

As August began, we starting to let ourselves get pumped about the (academic) year ahead and especially Freshers. Whilst Fraizer got stuck into some DIY, Harriet worked on some exciting plans for September, including events and lots of freebies.

September was a whirl-wind! We launched the first ever Arts University Plymouth merchandise, visited the Eden Project, and hosted plenty of bar nights for everyone to get to know each other.

In early October, we were excited to see the new AUP signage go up on the outside of campus buildings, coinciding with the start of British Art Show 9 in Plymouth. We continued to host Freshers events, as well as Halloween events and a huge cultural celebration for Black History Month. Harriet also headed to Crealy Exeter to celebrate being Highly Commended in the Volunteer Category at the Make a Difference Awards.

November saw the election of FE and HE Student Union Executive Committee and the launch of the Universities new app! It also saw Harriet featured in Financial Times for being selected for the Kindness & Leadership 50 Leading Lights UK Campaign.

Last but certainly not least, we kicked off December with a merch pop-up and lots of festivities, including our annual Festive Student Work Fair. Harriet organised a fab event open to the public where over 30 students hosted stalls across 3 days. We closed the year hosting 12 amazing giveaways with some of our favourite local and/or creative businesses, with Host's giveaway gaining over 1,500 entries on Instagram and nearly 100 on Facebook - crazy stuff!

We can only hope 2023 will be bigger and better in so many ways, thank you for all your support this year!

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gilang gumilang
gilang gumilang
Jan 14

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